vLinks – AWS

This page is my repository of web links and white papers/articles that I have accessed or referenced for many purposes e.g. studying AWS, resolving an issue or understanding a particular element, etc.; I have put out these for quick reference and this will continue to grow:


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

# Category URL Comment
1 AWS Directory Service Manually Add a Linux Instance (Simple AD and Microsoft AD)
2 AWS EC2 Auto Recovery for Amazon EC2 
3 Database Migration Service (DMS) AWS Database Migration Service – 20,000 Migrations and Counting
4 Server Migration Service (SMS) AWS Server Migration Service – Server Migration to the Cloud Made Easy!
5 Security AWS: Overview of Security Processes (Whitepaper) a must read..!!
6 VPC VPC Flow Logs 
7 VPC & S3 VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3
8 EC2 Streamline AMI Maintenance and Patching Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager
9 EC2-EBS Encrypted EBS Boot Volumes
10 EC2-EBS Amazon EBS Volume Types and I/O Credits
11 EC2 Guidelines for Shared Linux AMIs
12 EC2 Public AMI Publishing: Hardening and Clean-up Requirements 
13 EC2-ELB AWS Application Load Balancer
14 EC2-ELB What Is an Application Load Balancer?
15 EC2-IAM Attach an AWS IAM Role to an Existing Amazon EC2 Instance by Using the AWS CLI