VCSA 6.0 no more web UI through port 5480

After installing vCenter Server Appliance 6.0, I was trying to login to web UI through port 5480 ( and found out that the web UI is no more available. Earlier in VCSA 5.5, I had used it many times and found it very handy either to check if services are running or to re-configure IP address/Admin password, etc.

So for VCSA 6.0 most of the configuration is done during OVA deployment. Once deployed, the way to configure is via DCUI (select the vCenter Server Appliance VM and right-click > Open Console); as shown below in the screen shots the look and feel of it is more like an ESXi DCUI. VMware is trying to standardize the appliance configuration methodology.

Using the vCenter Server Web Client, I found there is an option to configure the VCSA 6.0; through here I was able to modify a number of things such as:

•    Enable SSH login or Bash Shell
•    Re-configure Networking
•    Join VCSA 6.0 to Active Directory
•    Configure Firewall rules
•    Configure and Start/Stop Services

To Perform the above task, follow the steps below:

  1.  Login to vCenter Web Client as administrator@vsphere.local.
  2.  Go to Home > Administration > System Configuration.
  3.  Click on Nodes and select the vCenter server in the left pane.
  4.  Go to Manage > Settings; refer to the screenshots below for the configuration options available here:
  5.  Go to Related Objects for configuring or starting/stopping services.

Also, for vCenter Server 6.0 there is no need to remember the port # while logging into vCenter  Server Web Client; here was the URL for vCenter 5.5 which needed port 9443 ( but for vCenter 6.0 the URL is:


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