Using Amazon CloudFront to Protect Your Content Delivery

I came across this CloudFront webinar while searching for a specific information and really liked the whole presentation and the demo. A very good intro and great demo..!!

Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s easy-to-use and cost-effective content delivery service, has recently added several features that give you the protection and control that you need to deliver your content securely to your viewers.

In this webinar we review features such as:
• Geo-Restriction for restricting access to your content based on the geographic location of viewers
• Private Content to allow greater control over who is able to download your files from Amazon CloudFront.
• Custom Error Pages to customize the error responses for your viewer.
• Custom SSL Certificates so you can deliver your content securely end-to-end from your origin servers to your viewers using your own custom domain name.

We will also present several use cases and do a demo to show you how you can easily configure these features using the Amazon CloudFront Management Console.



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