Enable SSH for ESXi 6.0, VCSA 6.0 and NSX-v 6.2

To enable SSH for ESXi 6.0:

  1. Login to vCenter Server as a user with administrative privileges  (e.g. administrator@vsphere.local)
  2. Go to Hosts and Clusters and select the ESXi host.
  3. Go to Manage > Settings > Security Profile > Services.
  4. Click Edit and select SSH daemon.
  5. Click Start to enable SSH service and status changes to Running.

For an ESXi host, SSH can also be enabled through the DCUI.




To enable SSH for vCenter Server Appliance 6.0:

  1. Login to vCenter as SSO admin (e.g. administrator@vsphere.local)
  2. Go to Administration > System Configuration.
  3. Click on Nodes and select the vCenter Server.
  4. Go to Manage > Settings > Access.
  5. Click Edit and select the checkbox for SSH Login.
  6. Click OK.




To enable SSH for NSX-v 6.2:

  1. Login to NSX-v Manager (https://<IP address or hostname>) as admin.
  2. Click on View Summary.
  3. Under System-level Components, click Start for SSH Service.




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