Cloud agility and faster connectivity with AT&T NetBond and AWS

A great session to understand how AT&T NetBond connects your datacenter to AWS Cloud.

Learn how the AT&T MPLS VPN with the network of tomorrow’s virtualized network functions and Software Defined Networking (SDN) will help you create and deliver agile workloads for your Enterprise. You’ll also learn how AT&T combines trending viability of open standards-based software for broader network applications. Additionally, you’ll see how the AT&T NetBond API integration with AWS Direct Connect removes the complexity and enables on-demand, private connection within minutes via a self-service portal. AT&T NetBond connects your people, your data, and your business directly to your AWS services. This fast, highly secure, scalable, private network connection increases performance, while improving control and delivering a better ROI for your enterprise applications. Join us for an informative session on how you can enhance your cloud connectivity with AT&T and AWS.

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